"As for the CD - Awesome, Overwhelming are a few words that come immediately to mind. It touched me to the depth of my soul. Especially 'Bringing Love into the World'. I wish we could hire a fleet of planes to blanket every city and every state with this beautiful CD and its very timely message. I hope you are promoting and selling many. I'm sure you are aware that each time the CD is played or you sing the beautiful message, it goes directly to the Collective Consciousness. With enough 'hits' this World might begin to heal."
- B. Riley, Jonesboro, GA

"Gino is an amazing guide in the Field of Life, but especially music, piano and song. He took an aspired shower singer (myself) and not only gave me a direction that suited me, but found new and improved ways of taking a very complicated art and making it conquerable in many different genres. To this day I still sing for people (small concerts), theater, group play, and still a little in the shower. I hope more people get to work with him, as he truly was able to allow my inner musician to come out."
- G. Anderson, Iowa City, IA

"The very first time I met Gino, he picked up on my vocal range and abilities immediately, supported the director to cast me in a series of roles that were a good fit for my talents, and supported me (a non-sight-reader) in "hearing" my notes and giving one of the strongest vocal performances that I've ever had the opportunity to give. He is a charming leader and makes everyone feel comfortable with what they have to offer, while working their hardest to make the performance even better."
- T. Mooney, Chicago, IL

"Gino is a brilliant musician and teacher. His passion for music is reflected in his roles as a performer and a teacher. He shares his talent and skill generously with his students and inspires them to become passionate musicians themselves. I cannot recommend him more highly."
- D. Damata-Geiger, Kenosha, WI

"I received private voice lessons from Gino while he was a PhD student at the University of Iowa School of Music. As a graduate student with a bachelor's degree in music, Gino's creative, new ideas and breadth of musical knowledge helped me improve my vocal technique. Additionally, his expertise in musical theatre assisted in the development of my character analysis skills. Gino instills a diligent work ethic in his students, while maintaining an encouraging attitude to support their growth as a musician and performer."
- M. Ternus, Iowa City, IA

"I received private voice lessons from Dr. DeLuca for about a year, and can personally attest to his excellence in the field. He is both an expert musician with professional performance experience and a very gifted instructor who knows how to relate to his students. He allows for student feedback so as to keep in touch with what they want to gain from the lessons, while still exercising his own keen judgment. I came away from the lessons with substantial personal growth as a singer and as a performer, and had a fantastic time doing so. I believe I've truly gained an advantage from working with him."
- Z. Champion, Ann Arbor, MI

"We have had Eugene come and entertain our residents on multiple occasions and he is a very energetic, talented pianist / vocalist and is passionate about his music. Eugene is personable and engaging and our residents look forward to his visits throughout the year."
- D. Anson, Iowa City, IA

"Sure Gino is a wonderful teacher and all, but nothing compares to the energy, joy and just plain talent of the man when he sits down at a piano to play and sing for you. A one man dueling-piano event, he knows a million songs and can play them at the drop of a note or a couple of lyrics. If you want to get a party rolling, or just class up the space with lovely live music, or listen to your favorite tunes, or sing a hymn or two - Gino is the guy you need. He wrote a dissertation about Cabaret, but what he does is not book-learnin' - it's the other way around. Gino doesn't go to the cabaret, Gino IS the CABARET."
- D. Pekin, Wheeling, IL

"I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Gino at the University of Iowa and also performing with him in University groups and in our own cabaret ensemble. We performed together for many local charities, and entertainment venues. He was always one of the best musicians/colleagues/performers with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working and performing. I cannot recommend him more!"
- G. Mc Tyre, New Haven, CT

"Gino was an incredible vocal coach! I had him for two years both in theatre and as a vocal trainer. He always had such a positive attitude, shared in-depth wisdom about voice and really cared about each and every one of his students. He always made our lessons so much fun as well, and because of him I learned how to use correct vocal technique improving my voice 100%! To this day, I still remember and practice the techniques he showed me. Anyone would be lucky to have Gino as their teacher!"
- J. Wilson, New York, NY